Omnia Nisasta offers top quality maltodextrins under Nutridex®, for various applications.
NutriDex® are manufactured from NON GMO maize.
Depending on its DE (Dextrose Equivalent), Nutridex® is non- sweet to mild sweet.

Our  high quality Nutridex is the ingredient of choice for baby food, sport nutrition, clinical nutrition and other applications.
We provide as well agglomerated product, NutriDex® A, which is dissolving easily in cold water and therefore highly recommended in powdered sports drinks. 

Features & Benefits
Neutral Carier
Source of Carbohydrate
Synergy with fructose and other carbohydrates
As DE increases,
NutriDex® helps

browning (due to the increased level of reducing sugars)
As DE decreases,
the following characteristics increase:

molecular weight
film-forming properties
Prevention of large sugar-crystal formation. (frozen food, frozen desserts)

NutriDex® is used as bulking agent, dispersant, carrier, binding agent, processing aid and texture improver in a variety of food and beverage products.

Baking - for better texture, fat reducing, water activity control- NutriDex® works properly due to the presence of higher molecular weight saccharide. This improve mouth feel and body to fruit products, granola bars, cream type fillings, icings and cakes. It is also used as a moisture-holding agent in breads, pastries.

In instant drinks for sport, NutriDex® has a low osmolality and is highly soluble at high concentrations. Our NutriDex® A, is easily dissolved in cold water therefore ideal for hydration of powdered beverages.

NutriDex® is used as a  flavoring, bodying and drying agent in chocolate drinks, flavor powders, special diets, citrus powders and coffee powders, besides other applications. It is also used to replace a portion of protein whipping agent in aerated beverages.

In instant foods, NutriDex® is the perfect carrying agent due to its free flexibility, open structure, dispersible in cold water and ability to maintain clarity and eye appeal. It is, therefore, extensively used as a bodying and bulking agent in puddings, soups and frozen desserts.

NutriDex® is used in  soup powders, concentrates and spices, spice flavour blends, cheese sauces, cream sauces, pizza sauces  and salad dressings as a bodying agent, flavour enhancer, oxygen barrier, colour controller,  stabilizing and viscosity builder and as a spray-drying agent.

In Dairy applications, NutriDex® is used extensively in coffee whiteners, imitation sour creams, imitation cheeses and whipped toppings.

NutriDex® is perfect for candy coating and soft-centre candies, for frosting and glazing, for nut and snack coating, in lozenges and for binding, plasticizing and  crystal inhibition. In hard candies, it improves the hygroscopic characteristics.

NutriDex® is a carrier for artificial sweeteners, gums, spices and seasonings.

Nutridex® is Non-GMO and according to EC regulation No. 1829/2003/EC and 1830/2003/EC, the product has a non-labeling status.

NutriDex® is acceptably stable to air and heat, but it is hygroscopic. Keep package closed. Sealed bags should be stored in-doors under cool, dry conditions. Optimum storage and handling conditions for NutriDex® are 25oC or lower and less than 60% relative humidity.

Shelf Life
24 months stored sealed under recommended conditions.
Nutridex® is Allergen free according to EC regulations: 2000/13/EC annex IIIa, 2003/89/EC, 2006/142/EC and ALBA list.
Nutridex® does not contain food additives, food colors, antioxidants, preservatives or material of animal origin.

NutriDex® maltodextrin is packed in 25kg bags or big bags.

Omnia Nişasta’s plant is certified ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS  FSSC 22000 and IP for NON GMO 
NutriDex® is Kosher and Halal certified.