NUTRISTARCH® – Enhance your performance
• Omnia Nisasta offers top quality native corn starch under NutriStarch® brand.
• NutriStarch® is manufactured in state of the art manufacturing unit , from 100 % Non GMO corn.

Definition   Applications
Native Corn Starch is a carbohydrate , appearing as a Fine white powder with neutral odour and taste,  obtained from corn grains using milling and physical methods.

Physical and chemical properties of native starch remain unaltered.       

OMNIA Nisasta, develops along with its customers, specific solutions providing the highest quality product and service.

NutriStarch® is the ingredient of choice for various applications like  custard, sauces, baking powder, noodles, and many instant foods. 
  NutriStarch® has wide usages in the baking industry where it is being used as binding agent, improving the volume, eating quality and tenderness.

NutriStarch® can be used for the dressing on salads.

NutriStarch® can be used also in the thickening of sauces and other gravies.

NutriStarch®  is appreciated in molding of gums, adhesives and other jelly food items.

Usage Area  
Food Industry Bakery, baklava and basic foods
Pharma Industry Pharma Industry; Used as Pharma Grade
Physical Properties  
Physical State Solid
Solubility in water (<50?C)  not soluble
Density (25?C, g/cm³) ~ 0,60 (bulk density) 5.00
    Features & Benefits
NutriStarch® used in dairy and cream products for its various features and benefits related to viscosity and thickening etc...

NutriStarch® when used in dry soup it reduces the moisture.

NutriStarch® gives a soft consistency with pure flavor release in baby foods.

NutriStarch® is also used in Carton Industries for the purpose of granting adhesive benefits in corrugated board production.
  NutriStarch® offers various features and
benefits with the major ones being;
Texturizing and thickening properties.
Full control of the viscosity of various
food products.
Stability of Final products.
Shelf life extension.
Clarity and reduced retrogradation.
Increased water- holding capacity.
Body and mouthfeel.
Packaging 25 Kg Kraft Bags & Big Bags
Storage and Filling Should be stored in physically suitable packages away from 
  chemicals and odorous substances, in cool and dry conditions.
Filling Filling must be done in hygenic area. 
Shelf Life Two years after production date.