Fructosan® is a natural Non-GMO sweetener well appreciated for its various features and benefits

Benefits Features
Healthy living High sweetness
Low glycemic index (G) Enchancing flavor
Slow release energy Non-GMO sweetener
Synergy with intense High solubility in water
non caloric sweeteners Excellent humectancy
Non-insulin dependent High freezing point depression
Low water activty Low viscosity level
Less cariogenic Enabling easy browning
Improving texture, apperance and mouthfeel Shelf - stability
Suitable for low-calorie products  
Reducing cost  

 The sweetener of choice that will add healthy and natural sweetness to your creations!

In Beverages
Fructosan® provides an intense natural flavor and enhances sweetness. Using a small dose of Fructosan® gives a great amount of sweetness.

In Yoghurt & Desserts
Fructosan® enchances flavor, creaminess, aroma and fruitness intensively while reducing calories.
It helps increasing stability and shelf life of finished products.

In Jams & Fruit Preparations
Fructosan® enhances the flavor, aroma, texture and appearance.
It improves the fruitness and stability of fruit jams and marmalades.
Fructosan® is ideal for home - made jams, jellies and fruit preparations.
Fructosan® helps increasing sweetness without 

In Sport Drinks
Fructosan® provides energy boost with slow release of energy with a balanced blood glucose level. It masks the taste of artificial sweeteners making the product more delicious.

In Ice - Cream & Sorbet
Fructosan® allows to produce low-calorie products. It also provides high freezing point depression in ice-cream and sorbet. It makes them softer, sweeter and spoonable.

In Baked Goods
Fructosan® is an excellent humectant. It provides longer humectancy, consistency and freshness. It has a lower water activity which makes baked goods resistant to microbial and chemical degradation. Fructosan® provides excellent browning when necessary.

Fructosan® Saves Calories
Fructosan® is on average 1.3 times sweeter than sugar depending on pH and temperatures. Less fructose is required to achieve same sweetness , enabling also calorie savings.

Fructosan® Prevents Dental Caries
Fructose is the least cariogenic among all natural sweeteners.
It’s suitable for baby food.

Fructosan® Is Ideal For Glycemic Index (GI) Control In Diabetics
Foods with a low GI have significant health benefits for diabetics and health conscious people. Fructose has low GI and is insulin-independent.

Fructosan® Helps Mineral Absorption
Fructose enhances mineral absorption. This is a great benefit for people such as pregnant women who require increased levels of minerals, especially iron and calcium.

Fructosan® is Non-GMO and according to EC regulation No. 1829/2003/EC and 1830/2003/EC, the product has a non-labeling status.

FructoSan® is acceptably stable to air and heat, but it is hygroscopic. Keep package closed. Sealed bags should be stored in-doors under cool, dry conditions. Optimum storage and handling conditions for FructoSan® are 25oC or lower and less than 60% relative humidity

Shelf Life
24 months stored sealed under recommended conditions.
Fructosan® is Allergen free according to EC regulations: 2000/13/EC annex IIIa, 2003/89/EC, 2006/142/EC and ALBA list.
Fructosan® does not contain food additives, food colors, antioxidants, preservatives or material of animal origin.

Fructosan® crystalline fructose is packed in 25kg bags or big bags.

Omnia Nişasta’s plant is certified ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, BRC, IFS  FSSC 22000 and IP for NON GMO 
FructoSan® is Kosher and Halal certified.d.